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Swimming through the mountain-rimmed streams and bays of the Pacific Northwest and the North Atlantic is a pink-fleshed miracle fish. One of the little known wonder foods for enhancing your mood is none other than salmon. Any salmon is better than none, but wild-caught salmon is the best there is!

Wild salmon has the ability to transfer its untamed energy to you - not through some magical act, but through your stomach. Do you feel groggy, slow, lazy, and unmotivated? Your mood is often dictated by the foods you eat and the variety in your diet. Your specific dietary needs can be met if you maintain a diet that is rich in the vitamins and nutrients that have been shown to help improve mood and enhance mental functions.

Salmon - especially wild salmon - is an excellent way to get what your body and mind needs, and it can help you feel as if you could jump up a waterfall. So what can wild salmon do for you and your mental aptitude? And why is wild salmon better than farm-raised?

Benefits of Salmon

There are many amazing benefits that can be gained from adding wild fresh caught salmon to your diet at least two to three times a week. Some of the first benefits you will get include:

  • Helps regulate several hormonal balances
  • Reduces fatigue and increases energy levels
  • Supplies good fat and ample protein for essential mental functions
  • Helps aid cell growth and regeneration
  • Carb cravings and curb appetite

Wild Caught vs. Farm Raised

Salmon can be found in abundance from fish farmers who raise the salmon in mass and harvest them to sell. However these fish often do not have the same nutrients and nutritional value that wild caught salmon does. Wild salmon eat different foods, have fresh water, open sapce, and are overall healthier than many farm raised fish. Their improved diet and environment boosts their levels of all the vital nutrients that the body needs. The benefits of wild salmon vs farm raised salmon include all the above mentioned benefits along with these additional benefits:

  • Contains nutrients shown to help improve moods and attitudes
  • Beneficial oils and fats help with memory and recall processes
  • Momega-3 oils that increases awareness and mental processing times
  • Weight management B-12 minerals and nutrients that help boost moods
  • Elements that aid in sleep and wakeful cycles to regulate moods
  • Nutrients that helps improve mental functions, overall outlook and attitude

Powerhouse of Mood Boosting Goodness

Wild Alaska salmon is a powerhouse of mood boosting goodness because it is rich in omega-3 oils and B-12 nutrients. For many years now, doctors and scientists have known that omega-3 plays a vital role in the development of many essential functions of the body and that it has many heart-healthy benefits. B-12 is also vital to many basic and essential functions such as brain cell development.

Review of Salmon

Most people today have diets aren't high enough in Omega-3 oils, which is bad news because the human body cannot produce it on its own. Most people have diets that get little to no B-12, which can have a negative impact on overall mood and mental capacity. Add wild caught salmon to your diet a few times a week and you and enjoy maximum benefits and improved mood and mental functions. Other vital elements this delicious fish offers includes Glutamine, tryptophan, amino acids, Vitamins A.D, and E, as well as ample amounts of iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.

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