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In order to achieve happiness, we must project happiness. Life is all about reflecting our feelings off of each other like a mirror or a boomerang. The attitude we throw out there comes back to us and sometimes hits us in the head!

Nobody is an island. Well, except for the poor guy stuck by himself on an island with a volleyball-friend he calls 'Wilson'. (See the movie 'Cast Away' starring Tom Hanks if you don't know what I'm referencing.) Although in the movie 'Cast Away', Tom Hanks' character even made a volleyball-friend to reflect his attitude off of.

Our attitude works like a boomerang or a mirror. Whatever we send into this world, comes back to us in one form or another. Attitude is a karmic cycle of deeds where you are you shall sow what you reaped. Let’s see how this boomerang effect of happiness works. How do we create and spread positivity so our boomerang of attitude doesn't hit us in the head?

Here are a few suggestions for you to create and project positivity in yourself:

Creating Positive Vibes

We all have our own transmitters which keep sending positive and negative vibes. In the same way we have receivers as well. We catch every vibe and signal the people around us are transmitting. We are programmed to prefer positive vibes as they have calming effect. So positive people are happy people, and they attract positive people. It is innate survival instinct. Therefore, if you want to be surrounded by positive forces then you must transmit happy signals. It does not require rocket science to understand that no one wants to be around complaining, negative and grumpy souls.

Have you heard of “Law of attraction” and how it works to improve life? Positive behaviour makes you likeable and popular in your circle. It would definitely end up in improving your spirits. Here is a wonderful source that puts this concept into more persective: Oprah: 'The Law of Attraction: Real-Life Stories'

Positive Behaviour Aspires Positivity

I believe in the goodness of human nature and once you watch and experience something good then you are bound to follow the suit. It dispels negativity and inhibit destructive behaviour. Spread positivity to experience happiness in return. It is like forming a chain of positive happenings.

Share With Others

Find a small positive conversation with someone - anyone. Achieving happiness is like a cup of coffee which would only taste good with a friend. The positive behaviour of sharing always reflects your good intentions and bring back happiness for you. On the web there is a trending picture of an indian man treating homeless kids in MacDonald’s with his first salary. This example could be viewed as a proof of this. When you bring a smile on someone’s face then it uplifts your spirits as well. :)  (smile at this point).

Program Your Mind

Positive attitude can be cultivated with some effort, and you can always train your mind to be happy and positive. The mind can be programmed or forced to focus on positive things and not pay much attention to the negative ones. This is easy to say, but can take a lot of effort for the negative among us! After creating a habit, the mind will get accustomed to focusing on the positive with the passage of time and the change in self would cause the change in surroundings. Flexibility and adopting changes in life is also connected to lesser conflicts and happier life.

Training Children

Much of our attitude is cultivated when we are children. Whenever a child is throwing tantrum and not listening to you then shouting at him/her will only magnify his/her negative behaviour. Instead of projecting a negative tone or attitude, try to remain calm and let the child release his emotions. The calmness of your attitude would affect the child and made both parities happy. Later in life, when your child is taking care of you in your old age you will be grateful that you threw a positive boomerang rather than a negative one.

I think that was enough dose of wisdom for today. Remember to watch where you throw your boomerang it'll come back to you!

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