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My son had nature week in his school a few weeks ago. So as part of his homework we brought home some plants for him. Initially the plants were just another school assignment, but soon I realized that these new green arrivals were changing my life and mood for better too!

I started spending time with these plants - watering them first thing in the morning, looking at them from my kitchen window, and reading about how to take care of them. They are just a few common plants we found at the grocery store, but funny enough, my new morning ritual of plant maintenance brings a sense of peace and fulfilment in my life.

This serenity from our new plants helped in keeping me calm and happy and brightens my mood in the morning. So, I decided to do some research and share my experience with my readers.

Feng-Shui of House Plants

Plants add color and nature to life. The color green is known for its soothing effect on mood. House plants could add that freshness to your life and the Feng Shui method of home decor also agrees with including plants in your environment. Fresh green plants summon vigor and nature into your life. They hearken back to primal instincts passed down from our ancestors living in forests and vibrant green areas. You could also include flowering plants in your home - their diverse colors and beauty would bring vibrance to your life.

You must keep them fresh as wilting or dying plants could create a negative aura. So, incorporate freshness into your home decor to feel better and happy. For more information about plants and Feng Shui, check out Meihwa Lin’s book The Smarter Approach to the Ancient Art of Feng Shui.

Clean Air Enhances Your Mood

We all know that plants give oxygen to air and cleanse it as well. Indoor plants or home plants will help in creating fresh environment. It has become crucial to urban lifestyle where living spaces are small and lack direct exposure to plants and vegetation. Including plants in our environment rebuilds our connection with nature.

Plants Offer a Sense of Reward

My personal favorite is the sense of reward you get by having Home Plants. You could grow vegetable and fruits in your yard and the crop will boast your mood instantly. The process of bringing them to the crop stage is almost like meditation . It will train you in patience and harnessing inner powers. It’s like you are witnessing the direct fruit of your efforts in the yummiest form.

Talk to Your Plants! (Nobody Will Judge You)

I would love to draw analogy with having pets and the love is reciprocated as well. You would feel the connection, the change in their moods, they are happy or sad and some people tend to talk to their plants as well. Talking to your plants is also a great rewarding therapy.

You may have noticed almost all offices having indoor plants and apart from adding beauty to the ambience they also improve performance of the workers. Studies have even shown that plants enhance memory and performance. 

The best part of including plants in your home or workplace is that you don't have to seek out nature by traveling somewhere far, but you could incorporate plants into your home and life as well. Home plants or indoor plants could be your constant source of inspiration and supply of serenity. Try having plants around and you would have one more reason to smile.

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