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Sometimes I walk around my house naked - in the flesh – with no clothes on. Why? Because being naked makes me happy about my body. Happiness stems from acceptance, and it has lot to do with embracing your body and being at peace with it.

Consumerism and modern marketing has created an unattainable body image which is becoming a great source of unhappiness for both women and men. I propose a radical mood-booster for you to try once-in-a-while: draw the window shades and drop your clothes! Embrace yourself for who you are and how you are shaped.

Love Your Body

The first step towards happiness, which stems from inside, is to love your own body. Everyone is born with a unique body type and beauty lies in its uniqueness. You might wonder how this is linked to mood boosting, and how to achieve the sublime acceptance of body.

Staying naked and being comfortable in that state is the first step towards happiness. Yes, we must learn to love our own self and only then can we attract love from other sources.

We are often too hard on ourselves, completely ignorant of the special beauty we are endowed with. Nude portraits of common (non-model) people often reveal how beautiful common people really are - once we start looking at our bodies without preconceived notions of beauty.

I ran into this artist’s celebration of various body types and I found it absolutely amazing: CURVES' By Victoria Janashvili Is An Art Photography Book That Will Celebrate All Women's Bodies

Lose the Guilt - Tap Your Inner Primitive Self

Guilt and uneasiness towards body is transferred from the most basic source and that is family and societal pressures. What if we learn to be comfortable with our bodies?

Being naked also helps us in tapping into primitive forces which are tucked under carpet in the guise of civilisation. It creates a sense of oneness with nature and makes us feel part of the scheme of things.

I was watching a movie where a girl asks an alien about how people remain naked on his planet and how does that feel? The alien replies, "Look at that crow. How would you feel if he was wearing a tie?" It’s all about perception.

Let Go of Your Inhibitions

When you drop your clothes, you let go of your inhibitions. I’m not proposing that you become a nudist, but I do admit that they are on to something! Being naked is as if something was stopping you, and it’s suddenly unbolted and now you are free. The freedom is to be yourself and love who you are. You could look into the mirror for the first time and feel an amazing sense of beauty surging from inside.

Acceptance and celebration of who you are is a sense of joy in itself. We could create a sense of beauty, joy and fulfilment by celebrating our bodies in their true form.

I would like to leave you with a beautiful TED talk by Cameron Russel, a model, about the fragile ideas of beauty and the discovery of soul: Looks Aren't Everything. Believe Me, I'm a Model

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