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Meditation is highly personal. Each of us is different and we require our own approach. We see new e-books, journals, websites, research, and gurus emerging everyday telling us how to meditate the ‘right way’. They all make it sound so complex as they want to sell their own method. They market the same formula in an old package and earn money.

What if I tell you that you don't necessarily need to buy a ton of books or dvds to learn new mantras? Instead, understand that meditation is all within you, and all you have to do is look inside yourself and unlock your inner rhythm.

Wisdom of Meditation

One 3,000 year old piece of wisdom is that meditation eases your nerves. Ancient people knew this and it is still true today. Meditation also elevates your dopamine level, thus making you feel happier. However, meditation is an extremely personalized exercise and one approach works well for one person, whereas another person might use a different method.

If you want to achieve the desired effect then you can’t just go on blindly following any approach you find online or in a book. You have to make an effort and discover your own meditation rituals. If you are a beginner then I recommend that you experiment with different techniques.

Here I will get a bit personal and reveal some of my own tried and tested meditation exercises. They work to relieve my own stress. You can try my techniques, or they could help you in discovering your own mantras.

My own meditation technique involves three parts: Creating Distance, Sleep, and Mindfulness. Each of these is a part of a cycle that I set up in my mind and life. One leads to the next and a cycle is formed.

Create Mental Distance From Your Worries

Stress and unhappiness mostly occur from taking life too seriously. As you all know very well that no one goes out of this world alive. Try to enjoy the time we have on this planet. We get so much engrossed in our lives that we forget about how big the universe is and small we actually are.

You must exercise detachment from your life and body and try to view it from some distance. I am not of course, talking of some fancy antic. Instead, I urge you to visualize leaving your body and life and then viewing it from distance.

You could start by imagining your existence from someone else’s angle and gradually proceed to the next level. The tiny existence of your life in comparison to this enormous universe will relieve stress and help you in taking life easy and lightly. I also like to view pictures that remind me of how I am a small part of this Universe. Perhaps they will inspire you in your own distancing technique: http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/the-universe-is-scary.

Sleep is Necessary

Sleep is an important aspect of effective meditation. For your own meditation method to succeed you must focus on sleeping well. Once you achieve a natural sleep rhythm your body and mind can relax. The Dalai Lama is a firm supporter of this concept.

Meditation serves as a mean of focusing on your inner strengths and making you happy by draining the negative. When you achieve a natural rhythm of regular sleep you set up a relaxed cycle in your body and mind. Then, you can apply other meditation techniques into the cycle. You create a strong positive loop in your life.

Meditation leads to good sleep and in turn makes you happy. During sleep the subconscious comes forward and enlightens you about the hinterland of the mind. It resolves the inner hidden conflicts and makes you happy. Anil Rajvanshi talks about how important sleep is in meditation in the following link: http://www.ted.com/conversations/16627/is_deep_sleep_like_meditation.html.

Practice Mindfulness

Meditation is one very effective way to lift your spirits. It is simple, and all you have to do is live in the present. Learn to experience and cherish the present by disassociating it from past. Free your soul from the baggage of past and future and live in the moment. How I implement mindfulness is that I don't plan much and take things in stride. Learn to perceive things with fresh perspective.

I hope you make your day a bit happier by finding your own meditation technique. I encourage you to explore meditation and find your own natural rhythm.

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