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When you’re feeling “under the weather and cranky,” take off your social hat and focus on making your body feel better. If you are in a bad mood all the time you might ask, "why am I feeling this way?" Doctors and psychiatrists agree that many mood-related problems are due to poor diet. If you are not eating the right foods you may be running low on neurotransmitters and serotonin. In order to prevent aggressive or negative behavior and attitudes, change up your diet to reduce anxiety and knock out depression where it needs to be...out of your body. Here is a one-day diet of four foods that can help boost your mood.

Food 1. Start Your Day with Fruit and Whole Wheat Pancakes

There are four foods that can adequately put a bit of happiness back in your body. Low levels of ‘transmitters’ can force you to lose a productive day. So, by increasing transmitters in the morning, for starters, you’ll begin your day on the right foot. By eating delicious carb breakfasts such as fruit and whole wheat pancakes, you’ll ‘stay-sharp’ all morning because of the “carb-rich” ingredients. Eating fruit and healthy grains will make you feel less drowsy than your “high fat” breakfast counterparts. [1] Try blueberries, raspberries, and other fresh fruit on top of your pancakes. You can also dust your pancakes with a teaspoon of powdered sugar to sweeten your morning. The body does need a little bit of sugar to get moving - just don't overdo it! Add fresh peppermint as a flavored zest since the plant has been shown to also help mood.

Food 2. Light Lunch: You’ll Be Awake with a Fine Shake at Noon

During the middle of the day, having a shake can stir your mood and help any Scrooge out of his/her despair. One great mood-boosting shake is made by blending a banana, one cup of fresh milk, a dash of vanilla, and honey for extra flavor. Drink those blues away with this powerful and easy-to-make shake. Since bananas are rich in amino acid tryptophan, combined with milk, increases “the brain’s production of its own antidepressant hormone, serotonin.” [1]

Food 3. Tasty Dinner - Savory Salmon, Please!

Perfectly savory salmon can have you perked up for awhile. When eating recipes such as salmon sashimi, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear plus this dish will make any mouth eating more and wine-less. The ingredients: ginger, the teaspoon of OJ, roasted sesame seeds, grapeseed oil, and asian sesame oil will diffuse on top of the salmon fillet, in heat, lightly cooked, and delicately eaten. [2] Add the following side-salad to your dinner to round out your mood-boosting meal and one-day diet.

Food 4. Add a Three-Part Side Salad To Go Nuts Over         

Another mood altering food you’ll go nuts over is walnuts. Walnuts have a form of omega-3 fat found in our nutty snacks and are enriched with protein and “enough fat” to get you “chipper” than usual; plus, make a salad by mixing your nuts with collards add some avocado, enriched with antioxidants, making a healthy salad for mid-day. Indeed you’ll be on your way to a well balanced diet which contain enriched specific vitamins and minerals which will elevate your mood for the better.  Add some tomato and your fave dressing and its ready, set; eat! [3,4,5]

When all the elements needed to get back on track are at your reach, especially for those who are in desperate need of that boost during the early part of the day to the later, obtain the ingredients to these four foods. Take one day and eat these recipes to help make you feel better and cheerful, and on your way to a healthy body and mood.

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