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'Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be' - Abraham Lincoln [1]

There are many factors that will come into play when trying to achieve your true happiness. And when you are looking at the workplace, happiness can at times be hard to find.

From pay raises, holiday leaves, and great work environments, there is only so much your employer can do to keep you happy at work; a great deal of that lies solely within your control!

There are several ways you can be happy at your job. Our 5 Tips For Workplace Happiness Are:

TIP 1. Keep personal issues and problems personal.

It can be hard but keeping work and home life separate can go a long way in improving your work place mood. Do not bring the drama of the morning to the office with you and do not bring work home with you when you clock out. When there is an overlap of these two spheres of your life the pressures of one can impact your mood and attitude in the other- which can steal away your happiness.

TIP 2. Personalize your work space and make it your own.

Put up a few photos of your kid or family. Hang a motivational picture on the wall if you are allowed. Ask if you can have a small potted plant or other decoration on your desk. Being able to make your work space your own gives you a place where you can feel safe and where you can 'escape' the rest of the work environment and find a place to take a moment and relax.

TIP 3. Work on creating a manageable schedule.

A large part of staying motivated and happy at work is feeling like you are accomplishing something and that you are making a difference. Few things will kill happiness faster than feeling like what you are doing is useless or not noticed. Work to keep a schedule that gives you a chance to see what you are accomplishing and take time to reflect on that and praise yourself for that. [2]

TIP 4. Remember that you cannot change people, only how you react to them.

Learn the little quirks and mannerisms of your boss and co workers that annoy you and find ways to deal with them. Remind yourself that you probably have little quirks that drive them batty as well. Focus on what you do like and do your best to over look the annoying or aggravating tendencies of those you work with. Do not add more stress to yourself by thinking about ways to change them- it will only make you even more miserable and steal away your happiness.

TIP 5. Take time to reward yourself.

Remember to be nice to yourself! You have goals in your work- long term and short term- and setting up rewards can be a great way to stay motivated and positive. [3] Did you finish that report for the boss? Take a five minute break and relax. Did you just deal with an annoying customer or client on the phone? Take a break and go grab a drink at the water cooler? Have a productive yet stressful day? Treat yourself with your favorite dessert or guilty pleasure that night once you are home. Rewarding yourself can be a great way to motivate and stay happy- no matter how others around you may feel.

A great deal of what keeps you motivated at work lies solely within your control, and as Abraham Lincoln once said, you have to make up your mind to be happy, regardless of the situation you find yourself in!

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