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Higher Mood™ is a source of regularly updated original articles, reviews, videos, and products to help ease the common stresses of life. From relationship difficulties, loneliness, job loss, boredom, technology overload, habitual negativity and stress, we've thought of you. Our mission is to provide you with insights and strategies that will help you to raise your mood and live a life you love.

Our regularly updated articles, and videos focus on the five spheres of mood and life: Body, Mind, Nutrition, Relationships, and Work. These five pillars are the essential foundation upon which to create a, rich, joy-filled and meaningful life.

We hope you enjoy our articles and products, and that they help to raise your mood!

Peace and Good Feelings,
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Dr. Peter W., Editor & Web Content

Peter is the editor and content manager of Higher Mood. He has a PhD in Rhetoric and Linguistics. He has been a teacher of writing and communication theory at the university level for over a decade. He has also worked on several startups. He spends his free time outdoors. Peter resides in Arizona, USA.
Kurt W., Manager and Business Operations

Kurt is the managing director of Higher Mood™. With a background in Philosophy, and over two decades of management experience, he has held professional leadership roles, worked giving life guidance, and as a public speaker. Kurt's hobbies are cooking and sailing. He lives in Ontario, Canada.


Elizabeth H., Contributing Writer

Elizabeth H. is a mother of 5 children, and she teaches baby care and exercise classes. She loves sharing what she has learned with others by writing, teaching, or speaking. Her articles cover body and relationship topics.

Fatima M., Contributing Writer

Fatima is an experienced fashion and society article writer. Her articles and blogs have appeared in several major publications. She writes about mind, relationship, and nutrition issues.
Gilda A., Contributing Writer

Gilda has over twenty years of article writing experience about a myriad of subjects. Her articles focus on body, nutrition, and relationship topics.
Sarah Jo L., Contributing Writer

Sarah Jo is a trained and experience writer and blogger. She focuses on work-related topics, nutrition issues, and the mind.
Kristen W., Staff Writer

Kristen is our Higher Mood staff writer. She is trained in mood improvement techniques. She focuses mostly on mind and work-related topics. She is also an avid rock-collector and painter in her free time.
Mary D., Contributing Writer

Mary D. is a Portland, Oregon writer who specializes in mental health and gardening. When she isn’t working, Mary spends her time playing piano, mandolin and harmonica.

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